Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adichanallur Civilization

Adichanallur - a small village located between thirunelvali and srivaikundam.

n 2004, a number of skeletons dating from around 3,800 years ago were found buried in earthenware urns.
I live very near to this place and I have no Idea that this small village which I have crossed so many times is a symbol of our Human Heritage.

I visited the excavation site and Thirunelveli Archeological Museum and was filled with proud, later I talked with many of my friends about this but no one knew about this.

Even history books does not talk about this??
I feel this should be treated as good as Harrapa and mohenjadaro.

This civilization on the bank of river tamirabarani have opened a new view on Tamil and Indian history.
Even Tamil writings were found on those Earthen wares.
I have added pictures of some of the artifacts displayed in Thirunelveli Museum.

I feel very proud to live so near to this heritage site which stands as an example of human occupancy on the river Tambirabarani bank during Iron Age and so should be every Tamils.

Looking forward your views and feeling on this.

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