Sunday, November 29, 2009

Maoist - A Non Political View

The Growing menaces of Naxals or Maoist are the most important concern as per our prime minister and our home minister. They say Maoists are threat to India's internal security. The Maoist in other hand keeps killing innocents, police officers and civil servants. Their activities have become daily head lines in News papers. They want to hit the head lines by hijacking trains, disrupting normal life, kidnapping police men, etc.

Maoists are a group of people who reject parliamentary democracy and want to capture political power through protracted armed struggle based on guerrilla warfare. Currently it has presence in remote regions of Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh as well as presence in Bihar and the tribal-dominated areas in the borderlands of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Orissa.

In my opinion after reading many articles the Maoists are materializing Government’s flawed development policies. The development policies whose only aim is to support the GDP number of our country rather than a comprehensive plan of actions which can addresses all the political, environmental and other impacts of the developmental projects.

According to me it look like The Government and development authorities have taken the tribal displacement for granted and thought that they can suppress them through money and power. Maoist thinking is of great flaw and it is not going to pay any result rather than continuing this vicious cycle. Their violence against police men and tribal men are against humanity. Their action recent days clearly says that they don’t want a political solution to tribal problems rather they want victory to their outdated Maoist ideology.

For the last sixty years India for its pursuit for development have left wounds on Environment and on people, adding to this India have now allowed Foreign investment in mining industries, the exploitive multinational mining companies keep rubbing salts to the wounds of the Tribal population and to Environment with the help of corrupted politicians and police force.

I went though the Annual report 2007-2008 of Ministry Of mines to see any information are available on Tribal displacement and compensation, unfortunately 5 pages were dedicated for the development of Hindi as the official language in the ministry while there is a small paragraph with shallow details on Tribal displacement issues.

This clearly says “What are the priorities and concerns of our leaders”

Unless we have long term vision for our development, unless we neglect extreme and corrupted politicians, unless there is a coordinated effort among all the department of ministry with common priorities, we will continue to breed more safe heavens for Maoists who will challenge our freedom and rights.

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  1. i do endorse these views.when we ppl wont let a sq feet of land to the can u expect the tribals to leave their entire land for the development of some mnc.its not a gud idea to displace the tribals frm their forests