Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Humen are communist by Birth??

Dear friends
Recently I read a book called “The Great Indian Dream” , in the book the author commented that every human is communist by Birth. I was really shocked by the comment and was very eager on his explanation. Principle of communism is “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. The author explains that each of us follows this principle in our family, take for example in a family there are 2 healthy adult, one old man and one child. In this family who will get the best and more attention among all the members, it is sure the child then the old man and followed by the other two health adults. Even though the child and the old man are less productive the family take care of them as it is their duty as a human being. That’s why the author says we are communist by birth, but when comes to society we act in a very selfish capitalistic nature.

But in the current situation even family members are provided their need only according to their ability. Which is really a painful truth?
When family members love, affection and sacrifice for their family members have slowly becoming a history and termed as the need of this fast developing society. The truth is that we are struggling to follow the communism even in our family now.

Disclaimer: By writing this does not mean that I am a member of any political party, in my opinion communism is common to all humanity not to a single party.

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  1. yeah, you are absolutely correct nirmal. Communism is not belongs to anyone or party, it is a feeling of each and everyone of us. that is why people joins the party which follows communism unanimously