Wednesday, November 25, 2009

26-11 Mumbai Terror atttack

It is exactly one year when the worst terror struck India. Bunch of terrorist entered Mumbai and killed people. They challenged Indian security, tolerance and ability to strike back.
The 26/11 exposed India’s weak police force, it exposed its primitive weapon, it shown India’s weakness in responding to emergency. It questioned the bureaucrats, politicians and policy makers. It exposed the local politicians and leaders ability to handle a crisis. Over all it shown an immature and ill prepared India.

Is there some one who sees any positive things during and after 26/11. Can any one say that no positive things happened because of this?

Let me list some of the alternate things which I see as positive.

1. If the terrorist aim was to bring India to war with Pakistan then it did not happen.
2. If the terrorist wanted to create a hostage crisis and wanted to bargain with the government like Kandahar then it did not happen.
3. If their aim is to demolish Taj Hotel then it did not happen.
4. If they wanted to prevent Jewish priest from vacating India for ever then that did not happen.
5. If they thought Mumbai will bow down and be panic for ever, then that it not happen.
6. If they thought that no one among them will be captured alive then that did not happen.
7. If their aim to initiate Hindu – Muslim violence, then it did not happen.
8. We saw live pictures of our NSG commandos in action and how brave and brilliant they are. They way they finished the job is admirable.
9. We saw how Muslims across the India voiced against the terrorist.
10. We showed to the world that our country is a democratic Nation where law and order exist in letter and spirit.

There may be more points to cover, it is very easy to get upset, Get angry as that is the human instinct. I respect the upset, angry and I like all I was also angry and upset.

Human being intelligent species have ability to think beyond his environment and situation. He has the gift of thought which is independent of the situation. It is very hard to think beyond the prevailing situation. The natural way is to act with instinct.

I tried to think positive on this event, it is really hard to do even I am not affected directly and sure it will be harder for men and women who are affected personally. I feel the pain and anger of my friends who lost their near and dears during this terrible terror attack.

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