Tuesday, November 24, 2009

India a Nation without National Language

A very common understanding among many Indians and non Indian is that “Hindi is the National Language of India” but the truth is India does not have a National Language.

As per our constitution Hindi is the official language of union India. It also allows the other states to have their own official language(s).
The real fact is India does not have National Language.

What is the difference between National and Official.

Official Language means that the language will be used for its official communications. So Central Government will and can use Hindi for its communication. Similarly states can also use their own selected language for communication to run the offices.

National Language means is the language which identifies an Indian as a whole, the language which reflects the culture and language of Indians. Every one knows that no single language can Identifies India as we have more than 100 languages.

This is the beautiful part and the most amazing thing I like and say that I am proud to be an Indian. Our constitution makers are so wise that they respected the plurality and diversity of our Nation.

I wonder why still many of us are unable to understand and respect the diversity of India. I don’t see this is a problem rather than as a clear statement to other nations and to extreme ideology thinkers and followers.

In world history we have seen many extreme ideology leaders and groups who have tried to do Ethnic cleansing, the only reason is their intolerance to diversity.

In India too we can see those extreme ideology raising its voice now and then, they are the people who don’t have tolerance and who don’t know how to think new and they are cowards who afraid to make a new statement.

I hope that India is not afraid to make statement saying that “we are Nation without National Language and Diversity is the only common thing among us”.

I don’t how many Nations exist in this world like this?

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