Monday, November 23, 2009

Hope everyone is following and trying to understand recent political drama in Maharashtra . This is entierly my own view and I am ready accept feedback on my view.

This is a lay man point of view on Maharashtra politics. Though this can be viewed and debated on Anti Hindi, Anti Nationlistic points, I choose not to touch them as in my opinion, they are all are symptoms rather than cause.

1. A MLA was beaten while he is trying to take oath in Hindi.

2. Thacker’s warning to sachin for his nationalistic view on Mumbai.

This initiated hot debates in media on who is correct and who is wrong. As usual our media’s thinking is shallow and it is trying to sensationalize the events.

One thing is very clear from this events is both Siv Shena and MNS is diverting their full attention to their Marathi issues for which Siv sena stood during its early years. They both seem to be trying to rejuvenate themselves from the last few years of Hidutuva politics.

What is the benefit in debating who is wrong and who is correct? My question is that was there any one thinking why people from elsewhere in India are migrating to Mumbai?

People from Bihar and UP are migrating to Mumbai because they can earn more than what they can earn in their state. It is early human instinct to search for hunting ground. Growth of Mumbai is so dynamic and great that it creates opportunities. Mumbai attracts more workers. In other words its growth demands more labor than it have.

I see that the migration problem in Mumbai is due to the uneven growth across India . We can clearly say that Our Governments both past and present failed to achieve uniform development across India. Our government policy were driven by overseas financial institution and Industrial giants who need quick and more return to their investment rather than humble mind who understands the basic need of the poor people.

This kind of problem will keep increasing till we develop our rural India . This kind of events will be day to day NEWS till problems of farmers and peasants were solved. Migration is inevitable till we address the backward, oppressed masses of India , who need education and development. Till the root causes are addressed to make our rural India strong there will be increase in number of Person like Bal and Raj thackre.

Government alone can not achieve this as it is also the responsible of the people of rural India to think about the hurdles, road blocks, and social stigma in their society which have hampered their development.

When we are voicing for the rural development by Government we also need to remember that we have moral duty to help the government in implementing their policy and plan by increasing the awareness about hurdles and road blocks existing in the rural India which hamper its development.

No doubt that we have done lot of improvement plan for Rural India development since our Independence, My humble request to our readers is that We should not be mislead by our politicians and Media who paints Indian development based on KFC, McDonalds, Multiplexs, stock market Indexs, Fasion shows, satellite TVs, Internet useage, Mobile useage, sky scrappers, fly overs etc..

Though they are really signs of development but not the signs of whole India development.


Nirmal C Bose

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